Overview for 1st half of Semester [IVT]

9 03 2010

What assignments were the most interesting to you? Why?

Out of all the assignments we have done so far, I would have to say the flip book and model drawing would be the most interesting. The reason being is that I have never experienced any of those activities before and I have taken a few art classes in high school before taking this class. The flip book was the most fun. I always wondered what it would be like to make a flip book and was so fascinated with how animations were made. After doing this project, I definitely have a lot more respect for the people who have to individually draw all these scenes for movies or TV shows frame by frame all by hand without the technology of a computer. I knew that it took a huge amount of time, but I never realized how tedious it is to make a flip book. It is so easy to stray from the project because you get bored of the same frame over and over, so it forced me to be really persistent to get it done. For such little movement as you flip, it takes several frames to make it flow smoothly. It was tiring and mentally draining at times, but I am glad we got the chance to make our own flip books. Next, is the model drawings, which definitely pulled me out of my comfort zone. That was the very first time I had to draw from a nude model, so I definitely had to get used to it at first before I could warm up and start sketching. Out of all the possibilities, the model’s first pose was facing me… just my luck. At least the model was a woman so it was not as bad. My mom was telling me that during her first day of drawing class, she had to draw from a male nude model so I guess I lucked out in some areas. Aside from me being uncomfortable, it was a good way to learn how to draw and focus on the negative space around the model. We also got to use charcoal, which was pretty fun to work with. I love being able to blend with the medium because it adds a softer shade and value to the sketch. It was definitely a very different, but interesting experience than I was used to but at least I learned from it and will be better prepared next time.

Has anything caused you to change the way you look at art or the world in general?

Well after just the first day, I was already looking at things on campus and just everything differently. We discussed all sorts of definitions and interpretations of what we believe is art and time. I never really thought about that stuff before. I am usually a very literal person and see only one meaning to things, but this class has definitely broadened the way I look and perceive my surroundings. Having class discussions about it really helps because there are so many opinions out there that you can consider and think about. I go to many galleries with my dad and now I try to figure out all sorts of meanings from just looking at one piece and it makes me ponder why and how it is considered art. This class has affected my way of thinking significantly and I have noticed that I am more conceptual with my own assignments and work.

Has anything we read, looked at, or talked about been relevant to things in your life? How?

Actually, many things that we have learned in class are connected to my introduction to psychology class. I remember talking about lucid dreaming in both classes. It is awesome to be taking these two classes in the same semester because they really do relate to one another and have a lot of parallels that I can understand from putting the things I have learned together from each class. In IVT, we watched the movie, Memento, which was also brought up in the last psych class that I had. From one movie, two things were drawn out from it… memory and the usage of time in the film. I just think that it is so interesting because I feel like I have more background information about the topics we discuss in both in my classes.

Do you have suggestions for the second half of the semester?

I do not really have any suggestions because I like the way it has been run so far, but I really do enjoy having more studio time in this class. The topics we have learned have been really interesting too.

What do you hope to leave the class with?

I want to be able to see things beyond the service and not to have predetermined judgement about my surroundings. I have already learned to think more conceptually with the help of this class, but I want to continue being able to see more than one meaning about an object and see the world differently by being more open.




One response

10 03 2010

Pui-Good to hear that this class is connecting to your psychology course. I like the way you talk about the way the discussions are changing the way you view your surroundings. I think this is a very important part of art that is often overlooked. This was an in-depth post and you bring up some very interesting points. I like hearing that you are feeling a greater sense of comfort with the conceptual side of artmaking.

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